Combine Wine and Dark Chocolate

Red wine and dark chocolate have been declared the perfect combination for taste and health. Studies of red wine consumption have established that a couple of glasses per day can lead to a reduction in the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones and strokes. The beneficial effects arise from the polyphenols and antioxidants in red grape skins and also have anti-aging effects and can strengthen our bones.

The cocoa phenol’s in dark chocolate also help to lower blood pressure, with high quality dark chocolate being healthier than milk and white chocolate.It follows that chocolate and red wine together must be great for you, not to mention the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones.
Experts agree that combining wine and chocolate brings out flavours in each that may not have been detected alone. Wine brings the flavor characteristics from the land where the grapes were grown and dark chocolate brings in the taste of cocoa and the various oils that come from the cacao plant.

Wine and chocolate tasting events are becoming increasingly popular so why not hold your own, delighting your guests and customers.

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