Best $10 Red Blind Wine Tasting Winner

We are happy to announce our Wine Silver Trail Zinfandel has won the Best $10 Red Blind Wine Tasting.  This is one of many quality wines distributed by Tuscanino LLC. The winning wine was selected in a blind wine tasting contest hosted by the Woodstock Wine & Deli held Friday April 29.

Held at Woodstock Wine & Deli, this was one of their most popular tastings of the year. It involved all their favorite wholesalers and their salespeople. The wholesalers were ask  to meticulously scour their book for the most impressive red wine we
can sell on sale for under $10. The trick, it must impress your palate under a blind wine tasting format. Particpants in the wine tasting were then asked to vote for your top 3 choices and choose the winner!

The competition was feirce with a strong field of quality wines brought in by many of the major wine wholesalers in the Portland area, but out of 17 wines the Silver Trail Zinfandel won.

Next time you are looking for a great quality wine for under $10.00,  pick a winner!  Silver Trail Zinfandel Wine is exclusively distributed by Tuscanino LLC and is now a very popular choice at Woodstock Wine & Deli.

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